Introducing the New Peixoto Bikini From Peixoto Swim

This year has been an interesting one in the swim wear world, many designers from Miami beach and california have been doing producing a whole new line of string bikini sets and one piece swimwear styles and designs. One of the most exciting of the new swimwear lines is the Peixoto Swim brand. This is the luxury string bikini brand of designer Mauricio Esquenazi of Miami Beach and formerly of Colombia. His wild style is classic yet very different than anything that has been seen in the last few years.

Some of his most popular pieces are the peixoto flamingo one piece swimsuit, this is a classic cut one piece swimsuit that as a low cut front and deep v neck cut. The matching latin bottom is bot sexy yet classy at the same time. This is a hard combination to find when it comes to string bikinis and just swimwear in general, but he has managed to find that perfect look that appeals to all.


Another of his very popular and up and coming string bikinis is the peixoto bella bikini. This is a bandeau style bikini that is very versatile as it can be easy changed into four different styles of peixoto bikini bandeau depending on how you decide to tie it at the back, the front or even the side. This is what makes the peixoto swim brand really stand out from its competition, the use of one string bikini that can be four different bikinis depending on how it is tied.


The darling of the swimwear world Mauricio has big plans for this years swim week in Miami Beach, his brand is going to be featured as one of the headliners. After having already had his swimwear pieces featured in Cosmopolitan and even Sports illustrated it is not a huge leap of the imagination to recognize that his peixoto swimwear brand is really starting to dominate the swimwear world not only in Miami beach but all over the world as well. Many of his famous clients come from Europe to have their swimwear and peixoto bikini sets custom fit, he does this only for celebrities mostly but anyone can have it done as long as they have the money.


The Peixoto Swim brand has made a very strong appearance in the last two years and it is showing absolutely no sign of slowing down in the least. If you are looking for a Peixoto Bikini then you will have to look to one of the online boutiques that deal with this luxury brand. One of the most popular being Bikini Luxe Swim of Miami Beach, they carry a large selection of Peixoto Swim and deal both locally and internationally with clients all around the world. Their boutique features Peixoto Swimwear but also carries other luxury swimwear from local Miami beach designers that you can not find anywhere else in the world.